Ageless Male Review

Ageless Male Review

Ageless Male: Not to be taken at face value

Ageless Male is a dietary supplement that claims to assist with the natural growth of free testosterone –the crucial male hormone that enhances muscular tissue and boost sex drive.  Further details of how this works, however, are not Ageless_Male-191x300disclosed by the manufacturer.

The Formula in Ageless Male

Ageless Male contains a number of key ingredients:

  • Mucuna pruriens
  • Chlorophytum borivilianum
  • Saw palmetto extract
  • Tribulus Terrestris .
  • Cissus quadranglaris
  • Eurycoma longifolia jack extract

The full ingredients list, and the quantities of each ingredient, however, are not disclosed by the manufacturer.

Taking Ageless Male

This supplement should be taken twice a day, once in the morning, and once at night before going to sleep.

User Feedback

This product has a large number of mixed reviews from users. On the positive side, some users claim this supplement has helped them achieve a better physical condition, improved energy and increased libido. Little mention, however, has been made of any ability to build and maintain muscle tone.

A large number of people who have tried this product, however, have experienced no change at all, and many describe it as a scam. Others have experiences numerous negative side effects.

Some people have said they stopped taking Ageless Male after it left their mouth smelling and tasting horrible – a number have even maintained this has replaced their ordinary sense of smell and taste. There also seem to be inconsistency in the product depending on where it is purchased, with reports of customers receiving a selection of coated and uncoated, gel pills and tablets.

Also users warn about the auto-ship program and how difficult it is to cancel – Buyer Beware!

Sample reviews 



Any Reported Side Effects

Extreme mood swings, drops in libido, weight gain and extreme muscle twitches are all claimed to be side effects by people who have used Ageless Male.

Where To Buy Ageless Male

This product can be found on and at the manufacturer’s website, Here it costs $49.95 for a bottle with 90 tablets (approx. GDP £31 or AUD$57). There are also numerous bulk offers available.

Any Guarantees Provided

There is no guarantee offered on this product.

Our Thoughts/Recommendation

Despite its popularity, when we take an in depth look at the formula in Ageless Male itself, its clear that its largely lacking in ingredients with any clinically proven testosterone boosting ability

Tribulus Terrestris for example can be found in around 80% of all t-boosters but the facts are that in scientific trials it has failed on all counts to have any influence on testosterone production… It does have libido boosting properties ( as have many other ingredients in this formula) but thats about it….

If you are mainly concerned about erection problems and/or sexual performance, then this could offer some benefits but as a testosterone booster per se, its sadly lacking on all levels.

Ageless Male is testament to the fact that doing your own research is crucial when choosing a testosterone booster. To Help you, we have examined many of the popular t-boosting supplements available and from our research have compiled our list of those products that we feel actually deliver on the claims.

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