Athletic Edge Nutrition APE Review

Athletic Edge Nutrition APE Review

Will Athletic Edge Ape Give You The Edge?

Athletic Edge Nutription APE claims to be the ultimate testosterone boosting supplement. It works to increase testosterone levels while refining your physique by encouraging fat loss, and boosting performance by helping increase the production of nitric oxide. This supplement also works to help the body athetic-edge-apeabsorb creative, leaving muscles looking firm and hard.

The Formula in Athletic Edge Nutrition APE

Athletic Edge Nutrition APE contains the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin D (1,000 IU)
  • Vitamin B6 (5 mg)
  • Folate (100 mcg)
  • Vitamin B12 (10 mcg)
  • Zinc (15 mg)
  • Gelatin
  • Rice
  • Flour
  • Silica
  • Magnesium Stearate

This supplement also contains the APE™ Pro-Testosterone/Anti-Estrogen Complex Blend (1,305 mg). This consists of the following ingredients, although the amount of each is not disclosed:

ape-ingredinentsGlycoCarn® (glycine propionyl-L-carnitine hydrochloride), TestoSurge™ (fenugreek extract 80% glycosides) (trigonella foenum graecum) (seed), Maca Extract 4-1, indole-3 carbinol, EuryGold™ (Std. to 28% glycosaponins, 20% polysaccharides) (eurycoma longifolia) (root), Bioperine® (Std. To 95% Piperine).

Taking Athletic Edge Nutrition APE

Take one serving of two capsules in the morning five days a week. On training days, take one serving 60-90 minutes before you work out.

For optimal results, use for a minimum of eight consecutive weeks. Never use for more than 12 weeks in a row, and always allow a four week break before resuming use.

User Feedback

Mixed reviews are on the agenda for this T booster. Some people who have tried Athletic Edge Nutrition think it’s great, and say that they have seen great improvements in stamina, performance levels, sex drive and mental and general wellbeing. Many people say that this supplement doesn’t have an immediate noticeable effect, but becomes more powerful over time.

A number of other people, however, say they saw no noticeable effect from taking the product.

Reviews Courtesy Of Vitaminshoppe

APE_by_Athletic_Edge_Nutrition_-_Buy_APE_40_Capsules_at_vitamin_shoppe APE_by_Athletic1_Edge_Nutrition_-_Buy_APE_40_Capsules_at_vitamin_shoppe

Any Reported Side Effects

Clammy skin and jitters have both been reported by at least one user.

Where To Buy Athletic Edge Nutrition APE

Amazon, and all stock Athletic Edge Nutrition APE. It costs around $40 (UK £30 – AUD $55) for 40 capsules.

Any Guarantees Provided

There are no guarantees supplied by this product’s manufacturer

Our Thoughts

There is no doubt that some users could benefit from taking Ape.. to us however it seems to be more suited to a first time user, as we feel that experienced bodybuilders will find it lacking in sheer punch and effectiveness.

It seems to be pretty good at boosting energy and libido, just not as effective at boosting muscle mass and strength.

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