Foods That Boost Testosterone

Testosterone Boosting Foods That You Need To Eat

Essential Testosterone Boosting Diet

Testosterone plays a crucial role in increasing muscle mass, boosting performance and improving stamina when working out. If you’re looking to become more and defined, therefore, it’s important to ensure that your testosterone is at an optimal level.

While there are a range of complex, specially formulated testosterone bodybuilder-eating-283x246supplements and boosters on the market to help jumpstart your testosterone (and muscle building) journey, there are also ways closer to home to help ensure your body is producing a good amount of testosterone. One of them is by eating the right things. Let’s take a look at some of the top testosterone-boosting foods -these can be particularly helpful for older men looking for ways to counter natural testosterone decline.

Vitamin D is essential to testosterone production – it also helps boosts the immune system, keep bones healthy and supports a number of central body functions. Getting lots of vitamin D, therefore, can help boost your testosterone levels.

Tuna, egg yolks, milk fortified with vitamin D, oysters, beef, shellfish and beans like white, kidney and black are all good sources of vitamin D, so should be included in the diet of anyone looking to boost testosterone levels.

Here are some other testosterone boosting foods:

  • Red grapes
  • Avocados 
  • Cabbage
  • Pomegranates
  • Honey

7d68405bf79f6b4eee90987ff6e0458cFor muscle building in particular, lean non-fatty meat should be an essential part of your diet. Studies have shown that a meat-free diet can actually lower testosterone by 14%, as lack of protein in the body boosts hormones that work to deactivate testosterone. Don’t go reaching for the barbecue tongs just yet though: other studies have shown that diets rich in the saturated fats found in fattier meats like lamb can cause dips in testosterone. High protein, low-fat meats like venison are the perfect compromise.

Garlic is also a must on your shopping list – this kitchen staple contains allicin, a compound which reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This competes with testosterone for the same sites within your muscle cells, so lowering cortisol levels enables your testosterone to thrive. The allicin found in garlic is particularly powerful when eaten raw.

Here are some other top tips -be sure that your diet incorporates high amounts of lean protein, leafy vegetables like broccoli, kale, sprouts, watercress and Pak choi, along with the healthy omega 3 fats found in fish and nuts.

It’s also important to cut down on alcohol – regularly drinking large amounts of alcohol may suppress testosterone levels, so if you have large amounts of alcohol in your blood, production of testosterone may suffer.

Whilst eating the right things won’t provide a complete solution to boosting testosterone, it can certainly help, so get working on that diet plan!

Supplement With A Natural T-Booster

The correct diet will go a long way to increasing your testosterone production, however maximum results may need some help, and a good naturally formulated testosterone supplement is without doubt, the best way to proceed… unlike drug based therapies that are linked to some quite ( lets be blunt) nasty and potentially dangerous side effects, a good natural T-Booster will help promote your bodies own production of this most male hormone without any risks….. the results will speak for themselves..

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