GNC Mega Men® Healthy Testosterone Review

GNC Mega Men® Healthy Testosterone Review

 A Mega Blast Of Testosterone? We Evaluate GNC Mega Men® Healthy Testosterone

This popular testosterone booster is a multi-purpose supplement that claims to pGNC1-16400343dt-300x300support healthy testosterone levels whilst improving prostate health, urinary flow and sex drive. The product contains an extensive, complex formula incorporating many well-known ingredients that possess numerous health benefits.

The Formula in GNC Mega Men® Healthy Testosterone

GNC Mega Men® Healthy Testosterone contains seven different supplements, and therefore a very long and extensive ingredients list. The product incorporate four different blends, explained here:

Blood Flow and Circulation 

This formula includes resVida® Resveratrol, which is clinically proven to enhance blood vessel dilation, and lycopene, an antioxidant that may help maintain good prostate health.

DHEA and Prostate Support 

This combines DHEA with L-arginine, which assists with sexual functioning, yohimbe bark extract and palmetto berries extract, which is thought to aid prostate health.

Hormone Health Blend 

This employs fenugreek seed extract to maintain healthy testosterone levels.

Mega Men® Multivitamin 

A multivitamin specially formulated with high amounts of vitamin D3 and amino acids, this supports energy production, musculoskeletal support, immune function, colon heath and the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and protein.

Ingredient Labels:

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Taking GNC Mega Men® Healthy Testosterone

Each foil pouch contains a day’s worth of GNC Mega Men® Healthy Testosterone. There are seven capsules in this, all to be consumed with food.

User Feedback

This testosterone booster has drawn largely conflicting reviews from users. Some maintain that they have seen strong results from the supplement like improved performance during workouts, easier workouts and new found energy. These people like Mega Men® Healthy Testosterone like it because it doesn’t create a jittery feeling or excessive sweating.

On the other side of the coin, many people who have tried this testosterone booster say it does nothing for them, and that given the high price, is a complete waste of money.

sample reviews from GNC

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Any reported side effects

There do not appear to be any side effects related to this product.

Where to buy GNC Mega Men® Healthy Testosterone

This testosterone booster costs around $90 for 30 packs from, and can also be purchased at a lower price from

Any Guarantees Provided

The manufacturer do offer a 30 day return or exchange policy

Our Thoughts

If any product was over formulated this has to be it… the makers have crammed so much into these capsules, that we find it hard to believe that you can actually get enough of each ingredient into a capsule for it to be truly effective.. this could be the reason for the mixed reviews.

Over-formulated and Potentially Underpowered – One To Avoid

The feedback on this product is testament to the fact that what works for some people will not work for others.

There are many other natural testosterone boosters out there, however, that have seen widely positive results right across the board.

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