Grenade AT4 Review

Grenade AT4 Review

Will Grenade AT4 Make Your Testosterone Levels Explode?

Formulated to help “deliver hormonal and anabolic support”, Grenade AT4 grenade-at4claims to help users achieve strength and muscle mass whilst helping with muscle repair and recovery. This Iconic looking T booster uses rapid dispersal capsule technology to ensure speedy delivery into the body, enabling users to reach new goals while training and feel great.

The Formula in Grenade AT4

Grenade AT4 utilises a combination of natural ingredients to help support the body’s natural production of testosterone. It contains the following ingredients:

Vitamin D3 (12.5mcg)
D-aspartic calcium chelate (1500mg)
Fenurex fenugreek (360mg)
Passiflora caerulea (73.75mg)
Boron (4.75mg)

Taking Grenade AT4

71Ewf9+GRvL._SL1500_Take six tablets each day, three upon waking and three around 30 minutes before lunch. The six tablets can also be taken in one go before breakfast. Take for five days on and two off for six weeks,hHave a four week break then repeat.

User Feedback 

This booster has been subject to a great deal of mixed reviews from people who have tried it.

Positive reviews state that Grenade AT4 is great for maintaining muscle mass and boosting fat loss. These users also say the product is effective in enabling them to do bigger pumps with less effort.

Other users, however, comment that the supplement has no effect on gains in strength and size, and that they have in fact seen no visible results when using it.

The fact that people have to take six a day presents some cause for complaint too, as well as the unpleasant taste the supplement can leave.

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Any Reported Side Effects

Acne, stomach upset, heart burn and a short temper have been cited as side effects of taking this supplement.

Where to buy Grenade AT4

Grenade AT4 testosterone booster can be purchased from most popular online sources including amazon, GNC and Ebay. It costs around £50 ( $90) for 120 serves.

Any Guarantees Provided

The is no guarantee offered with this product

Our Thoughts

Grenade AT4 is an iconic, popular testosterone booster…. it does contain a couple of proven ingredients in DAA and fenugreek although the quantities of these in the mix are lower than some other products..

There are products out there that offer far more by way of results.

Could Suit Some Especially First Timers, But In Our Opinion – Its Over Rated And For Most – Largely InEffective

No supplement will turn you into an Adonis overnight – To ensure maximum gains,make sure you use a testosterone booster that has been proven to work – check out our recommended T-Boosters page to discover which one is best for you.

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