Magnum Tonic Review

Magnum Tonic Review

A True Testosterone-Boosting Tonic? We Put Magnum Tonic Under The Microscope

Magnum Tonic 

Magnum Tonic is designed for men looking to increase body mass, body Unknown-2composition, strength and endurance.

The supplement claims to do this by assisting the body with its natural testosterone production thanks to its exclusive blend of innovative ingredients including vitex berry extract.

The Formula in Magnum Tonic

Magnum Tonic contains a combination of what it calls ‘high grade’ ingredients. The formula is based on the key ingredient  tribulus terrestris, which although commonly used in T boosters, has shown no effect in this area in clinical trials.

Each serving contains 500mg of this ingredient, alongside unspecified amounts of vitex berry extract, chaste tree berry extract ( vitex), rhodiola rosea extract and oatstraw extract. The level of detail surrounding this proprietary blend, however, is poor.

imagesTaking Magnum Tonic

When you’re training:

Take on the capsule in the morning, one 15 minutes before training and one after your last meal of the day.

When you’re not training:

Take one capsule in the morning, one 30 minutes before eating a lunchtime meal and one after your last meal of the day.

User Feedback

This product receives mixed reviews from users. On one hand there are numerous positive reviews about Magnum Tonic – a number of people are fans of the supplement and say it facilitates better muscle definition and recovery times.

However, there is also sentiment from many people who have tried this supplement that it does not work, that it doesn’t create any noticeable results and that it is a waste of money. Some people have actually said that they feel weaker when taking this booster.

Any Reported Side Effects

Although this supplement isn’t effective for all users, there do not appear to be any reports of any negative side effects.

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Where To Buy Magnum Tonic 

A tub of Magnum Tonic containing 90 servings costs around £50 (US $79.00 AUD $92.00). The supplement can be purchased at the manufacturer’s website, as well as retailers including, and

Any Guarantees Provided

There are no guarantees offered with this product.

Just How Good Is Magnum Tonic? – Our Thoughts

We have to be blunt here.. Magnum Tonic is a weak, rather lacklustre supplement that offers very little by way of results..

Its formula is built around tribulus terrestris.. an ingredient that can be found in around 75-80% of all T-boosters.. the scientific facts are that in numerous clinical trials, it has FAILED on all levels to provide any boost in testosterone.. It can help provide a slight boost to libido and if that is a particular concern to you, then it could help, but as for building muscles and boosting energy then forget it..

Vitex also has,despite the manufacturers claims, no proven T-boosting benefits behind it either..

We Suggest That You – Save Your Money And Look Elsewhere..

We know that the number of T-boosters out there can be overwhelming especially if you’re new to the supplement world.

Make the right choice for you – have a look at our Recommended T-boosters page, we have selected these products after stringent research as these have shown to be highly effective and safe for all.. they even offer a cash back guarantee too, so that in the unlikely event that you fail to see any benefits after taking as directed, you can claim a full refund.

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