Mdrive Classic Review

Mdrive Classic Review

Can Mdrive Steer You Towards Improved Energy And Strength?

Part of the Mdrive range.., Mdrive Classic mdrive-classic-big-boxcontains a scientifically-formulated blend that ( according to the makers) uses five key extracts to maximise your body’s potential.

Mdrive claims to strengthen the adrenal glands and fuel the body, maintaining energy, drive, strength, endurance and stamina.

Mdrive also claims to be the only clinically proven testosterone boosting formula, and purports to be the most advanced supplement on the market. ( not in our books but please read on..)

The Formula in Mdrive Classic

The booster’s Cordydrive formula contains the following ingredients, all fully disclosed by the manufacturer:

  • Fenugreek seed extract – 600mg
  • Cordyceps sinesis extract – 475mg
  • Maitake extract – 95mg
  • Maca extract – 65mg
  • Damiana extract – 45mg
  • American ginseng extract – 45mg

Taking Mdrive Classic

Mdrive_Classic___Mdrive___Naturally_Increase_Strength__Stamina_and_Overall_VitalityConsume two capsules each day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon, both with food.

User Feedback

There is limited feedback available on this product, but the reviews that can be found are both negative and positive.

This product has received some good reviews from users ( especially on the official website) – people have reported increases in their testosterone levels  and noticeable increases in energy as two principal benefits. This enables people to do more exercise than usual and exceed their expectations.

Looking away from the official site, other independent reviews, however, state no difference in energy levels or any other improvements. Some also didn’t like they way it made them feel..

Sample review courtesy of Amazon


Any Reported Side Effects

Some people struggle to sleep when using this booster, and others have experienced mood swings, dizzyness and a few isolated cases of hair loss when taking Mdrive.

Where To Buy Mdrive Classic

This booster can be bought straight from the manufacturer’s website,, and from a number of other reputable retailers including and It costs around US $45 (GBP£28 or AUD$51)for 50 capsules.

Any Guarantees Provided

The makers do offer a 60 day guarantee for orders placed direct with them, but its not clear if this applies to opened packages

Our Thoughts

Although the manufacturers do a really good job selling their product and make some pretty interesting claims, the facts are that Mdrive Classic is really lacking in proven testosterone boosting ingredients.. apart from the Fenugreek nothing else in the mix has any concrete clinical evidence behind it confirming its ability to influence testosterone production.

Of the remaining ingredients, very few have actually been tested on humans (just Rats) and aside from a slight boost to libido and sexual function have all largely failed to have any positive effect on testosterone boosting.

If lack of libido is a concern to you then this could help (but there are better products out there).. but if you are looking for a more all round testosterone booster, then you should really consider looking elsewhere.

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