Prime Male Review

Prime Male Review

Is This The Best Natural T-Booster Of All?

Prime Male is a powerful, cleverly formulated natural testosterone booster specifically aimed at the older man who is suffering the unpleasant effects of low2014-07-29-10.57.41-225x300testosterone production ( That said its pretty good at boosting muscle in younger guys too)

These effects can be quite far reaching and can often include:

  • Reduced Strength and Energy
  • Poor muscle Tone
  • Lack Of Sex Drive
  • Increased Body Fat
  • Problems Sleeping
  • Reduced Moods – Problems Concentrating

With prescription drug based treatments attracting a great deal of media interest at the moment with hundreds of law suits being filed from users that claim that these prescription therapies have caused serious health conditions, heart attacks and strokes, there has never been a better time to consider a natural product like Prime Male.

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100% natural with no recorded side effects, Each dose of Prime Male contains a cleverly blended mix of clinically proven ingredients that all play their part in boosting your natural testosterone production without any adverse reactions.


Each serving of Prime Male Includes fully disclosed amounts of:



The suggested dose is 4 capsules a day –

  1. Before Breakfast
  2. At Lunch
  3. Mid Afternoon
  4. With Evening Meal

Users Feedback

We have only heard good things from users of Prime Male, and this is not just from older men who have all enjoyed improved strength, muscle tone and sex drive… we have also heard from a number of younger guys who have harnessed the power of the Prime Male formula to boost their muscle mass and strength in the gym..

2014-07-29-10.39.01-225x300Reported Side Effects

There have been no reports of any side effects whatsoever.

Where To Buy Prime Male

Prime male is available to buy worldwide from the official manufacturers website –

A months supply will cost you $69.00 (£39.00) and there are some excellent savings if you are looking for a longer term treatment.

Our vote for best value buy is the 3 month package… for $207.00 ( £117.00) you will receive 3 months plus a 4th Month’s supply FREE

Added to this, the makers give a 90 day cash back guarantee… this assures you of a full refund, should after 90 days, you fail to enjoy any benefits.

This guarantee is one of the longest in the business and highlights the makers belief in their product and their desire for customer satisfaction.

Our Thoughts

Men of all ages worldwide have been crying out for a safe and effective natural testosterone booster that is suitable for all, and its good to know that in Prime Male….we now have one….

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