Test Freak Review

Test Freak Review

Is Test Freak Right For You?

This cutting-edge pro-testosterone stimulator claims to help boost free testosterone levels and support sexual health. Test Freak’s manufacturer says image_35088_original_X_450_white-207x300that the supplement works to help control DHT and support the body’s estrogen/testosterone balance. It does this with an exclusive blend of clinically-tested ingredients, although the details around these are patchy.

The Formula in Test Freak

Test Freak’s formula utilises a blend of various complexes – these contain Fenugreek extract Trigotest, alongside 1000mg of tribulus terrestris with each serving. Zinc, anti-DHT compounds and anti aromatase compounds are also contained in the formula.

Taking Test Freak

Take four capsules each day before sleeping. Always take with eight ounces of water, on an empty stomach at least half an hour after your last meal of the day.

Test-Freak-SuppFacts-USA-300x278Use Test Freak for up to eight weeks, and always follow this with a two-week rest period.

User Feedback

Test Freak has received a fair number of favourable reviews. Many people who have tried this supplement say that it increases energy, boosts libido, improves sleep and does a good job of assisting with muscle hardening and fat loss.

It’s not all good news though – some users report that they experienced no benefits from using the product, others experienced a range of negative side effects after using the product.

Any Reported Side Effects

Bad quality sleep, heart pain, abdominal discomfort and breast issues and pain have all been cited as negative side effect by users of Test Freak. Some users have even reported swollen testicles after taking test freak..These potential side effects should be cause for concern.

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Where To Buy Test Freak

Test Freak costs between $39 and $69 for 120 capsules. It can be purchased from Amazon, Ebay and a number of other reputable retailers.

Any Guarantees Provided

The manufacturers of Test Freak do not offer any kind of guarantee.

Our Thoughts

It has to be said that on paper the ingredients in Test Feak should offer some results…

The main down side (aside from the swollen testicles – Ouch!!) is that they do seem to have based the formula around tribulus terrestris – its certainly the largest single ingredient in the formula.. This simply astounds us... Tribulus terrestris can have some benefits especially in helping to boost a flagging libido, but as a testosterone booster, it has failed completely in clinical trials to demonstrate even a mild boosting ability.. quite frankly it doesn’t work – period.

Underpowered And For Most Users – Largely Ineffective – Look Elsewhere

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