Test Worx Review

Test Worx Review

We Put Test Worx To The Test

Claimed to be the number one-selling natural testosterone supplement in the Test-Worx-capsules-60-163x300USA, Test Worx by Superior Labs is formulated specifically for older men and boasts (the makers claim) a powerful blend of ingredients.

This includes Eurypeptides, which are clinically proven (they say) to convert bound, useless testosterone into free testosterone. This supplement also claims to fight and eliminate the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).

What’s more, this T booster also claims to increase energy, facilitating hugely effective workouts and enhanced performance. According to the manufacturer, Test Worx users will experience better moods and improved confidence.

The Formula in Test Worx

Test Worx contains Zinc, Vit B12, L-Arginine, Tribulus Terrestris, Maca root, Stinging Nettle root, and Eurycoma Longifolia in a largely undisclosed proprietary blend totalling 955mg

Eurycoma Longfolia, better known as LongJack, claims to promote fertility and other aphrodisiac benefits. There isn’t, however, any evidence that proves it boosts testosterone – in fact, numerous studies have failed to demonstrate LongJack’s influence on testosterone levels.

Added to this fact, Longjack is actually banned in several countries including the UK.

Tribulus terrestris, another key ingredient, is traditionally used to enhance male vitality, but there is similarly no evidence indicating that tribulus has a positive influence on testosterone levels.

Maca root is another problematic ingredient, with little scientific backing behind claims that it actually boosts testosterone.

test-worx-ingredients-300x287Taking Test Worx

Take two capsules each morning before food, ensuring that you drink eight glasses of water each day. Do this for five days, followed by two days off for optimum results.

User Feedback

Test Worx has received a mixed bag of reviews from users. Some praise the product’s ability to boost energy, improve mood and increase stamina. This means that people are able to get much more from their workouts than before, enabling them to burn calories quicker. Other users have also found it easier to recover from workouts while using Test Worx, whilst others cite improved sex drive as a benefit of taking the product.

People are also happy that Test Worx works alongside the body processes, has a natural feel and doesn’t rely on artificial stimulants to provide its energy boost.

A number of users, however, claim that Test Worx has no noticeable impact on them at all, highlighting that when it comes to T boosters, what works for some may not work for others.

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Any reported side effects

Blotchy skin, Hair loss and Acne have all been reported by users when taking this product.

Where to buy Test Worx

Test Worx is available to buy at Amazon.com, costing around US$60 (GBP£37 or AUD $68) for 60 capsules. It can also be purchased from online stores such as Buysupps and Pharamacy2u

Any Guarantees Provided

The manufacturer claims to offers a 100% money back guarantee , however there are no further details provided about how to claim or other conditions.

Our Thoughts

Test Worx makes a whole lot of promises that in truth it doesn’t deliver… In fact the only ingredient in the mix with any proven benefits related to testosterone boosting is stinging nettle extract.. this helps to control SHBG which in turn helps to stop testosterone being turned into Estrogen.

As we have discovered in other product reviews, Tribulus Terrestris has no clinically documented testosterone boosting effect.. it can in some cases help increase libido and erectile function so it could help anybody with problems in that department.

At Best A Glorified Libido Booster…

Why Not Have A Look At Our Recommended Testosterone boosters list?, these products have been chosen from our in depth research for their impressive and proven formulas, over 98% positive feedback from users as well as some products on the list also provide a fully detailed cash back guarantee with orders.. something sadly lacking from many T boosters.

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