Testofuel Vs Prime Male

Prime Male Vs TestoFuel 

Which One Should You Be Using?

Today we have decided to compare two of the best selling, most scientifically formulated natural Testosterone boosters head to head to see just which one is right for you…

Both manufacturers promise ( and it has to be said, have successfully delivered) a 2015-05-28-09.20.49-225x300supplement that maximise testosterone production, boosting muscle tone, strength and energy, they all help to reduce body fat and as a very welcome bonus – give sex drive a noticeable boost

Prime Male was originally developed to help guys over 30 who were experiencing age related testosterone decline ( which affects many men over 30) on average our natural levels drop by around 2% per year leading to increased body fat, lethargy, poor muscle tone and reduced sex drive… All of these issues can be improved dramatically by taking Prime Male Daily.

TestoFuel was developed to help keen gym goers, bodybuilders and athletes increase strength, muscle tone and mass.. the results are far reaching with users of all abilities reporting noticeable improvements in their muscles and strength.

Key Differences

While both supplements were originally developed for different markets, the clinical facts are that their natural formulas should produce increases in testosterone along with all its health benefits in any man, wether he goes to the gym or not


2014-07-29-10.39.01-225x300There are some noticeable similarities between the two formulas…. both for instance contain high levels of Vitamin D and D-Aspartic acid… 2 clinically proven and well recognised testosterone boosting ingredients, the same can be said for the ZMA combination of Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B6 – again all recognised T boosting ingredients.

Following on from that Prime Male differs in that it uses more ingredients that are generally suited to cases of low Testosterone… you will find Nettle Extract in the mix along with 2 other noted t-boosters in Boron and Luteolin plus also Mucuna Pruriens and Asian Red Ginseng.. it completes the mix with Bioperine which increases the bodies absorption of the formula, adding to its effectiveness..

Prime Male also uses the ‘citrate’ form of Magnum and Zinc this is considered to be the most bioavailable and therefore the most effectively absorbed version of these two compounds2014-11-04 11.02.13

Testofuel’s formula is slightly different in that it completes its mix with Siberian Ginseng, Fenugreek and Oyster Extract three other proven muscle boosting compounds…

Do Either Cause Any Side Effects

There have been no reports of any adverse effects

Guarantees and Pricing

Both Supplements are similar in that they both start at $69 (£39) for a months supply, they also offer similar packages at discounted prices for larger orders… they both also offer lengthy cash back guarantees that make any financial investment a risk free affair

Where To Buy Online

Both are only available from their respective manufactures websites:

Prime Male – http://www.primemale.com

Testofuel – http://www.testofuel.com

Which One Should I Choose?

The real answer is either, both are so well formulated that either would help you regardless of your age, fitness levels, motivation or requirements…

That said, if you are aged between 18 and 35 and desire larger muscles and increased strength, we would suggest that you go for Testofuel…

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If you are 30 or over, and are experiencing any of the common signs of reducing testosterone ( for instance – reduced muscle tone, increased body fat, poor sleep patterns and reduced or no sex drive) then we really suggest Prime Male and its clinically approved formula..

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